Business License Downloads


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The Quarterly Cumulative files contain all new and existing license holders at the time of the cumulation.

These files are ASCII text, fixed-field files.
See Understanding the Business License Files for more information on setting the fields.
See the bottom of this page for information on importing the files.

Weekly Business Licenses: Last week's licenses

Quarterly Business Licenses: Current active licenses

Previous weekly updates of Business Privilege Files

Week ending April 16, 2014

Week ending April 9, 2014

Week ending April 2, 2014

Week ending March 26, 2014

Week ending March 19, 2014

Week ending March 12, 2014

Week ending March 5, 2014

Week ending February 26, 2014

Week ending February 19, 2014

Week ending February 12, 2014

Week ending February 5, 2014

Week ending January 29, 2014

Week ending January 22, 2014

Week ending January 15, 2014

Week ending January 8, 2014

Week ending January 1, 2013

Importing the Weekly and Quarterly Business License Files
The files are in ASCII text, fixed field format.  First download the files, and then import the data into a database program.  Instructions for importing the files into Microsoft Excel are give below.

1. Select either Weekly or Quarterly Business License files.  Click the DOWNLOAD button.

2. In the File Download box, choose "Save this file to disk" and click the SAVE button.

3. In the Save As box, choose where you would like to save the file (using the pull-down menu at the top).  If you wish to rename the file, type in the new name in the "File name:" field.  Click the SAVE button.

4. In the Download Complete box, click the CLOSE button.

5. Go to Microsoft Excel.

6. Click File -> Open.

7. In the Open box, click the drop down box for the "Look in:" field to find the folder where you saved the file.  Click the drop down box for the "Files of type:" field, and choose All Files (*.*).  Find and select the file you downloaded and double-click on the file

8. The Text Import Wizard-Step1 of 3 box opens.  Click the NEXT> button.

9. The Text Import Wizard-Step 2 of 3 box opens.  Refer to Understanding the Weekly and Quarterly Business License Files for setting column breaks.  To set a column break, click along the number line.  Click the NEXT> button.

10. The Text Import Wizard-Step 3 of 3 box opens.  You can change the format for any of the columns.  If you do not wish to change anything, click the FINISH button.